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Jeff Goulden

Jeff Goulden

Edgewood, WA


Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Jeff Goulden Photography

Nature has been a source of inspiration in my life for as long as I can remember. The early morning glow on the mountains, a sunset over the water and the melody of the birds always bring me feelings of joy, peace and serenity.

Nothing delights me more than exploring remote wilderness, communing with nature and capturing its perfection with my camera. Experiencing the solitude, observing wildlife in its native habitat, and seeing nature's ever-changing mood are what motivate me to be the best photographer I can be.

My photographs are how I share the splendor that surrounds us. In my website I've combined my lifelong passion for photography and my love of the natural world, creating a portfolio that strives to reveal nature in its pure and simple beauty.


Female Rufous Hummingbird in a Tree by Jeff Goulden


Early Morning Fog Over Crater Lake by Jeff Goulden


Mountain Goat on Klahane Ridge by Jeff Goulden


Tiger Lily by Jeff Goulden


Bald Eagle by Jeff Goulden


Mount Rainier and Reflection Lakes in the Fall by Jeff Goulden


Yaquina Head Lighthouse by Jeff Goulden


Tumtum Peak at Sunset by Jeff Goulden


Storm Clouds Over Cathedral Rocks by Jeff Goulden


Mount Rainier and a Meadow of Aster by Jeff Goulden


Stairway Leading to Point Reyes Lighthouse by Jeff Goulden


Paradise Meadows and the Tatoosh Range by Jeff Goulden


Colorful Cliffs at Point Reyes by Jeff Goulden


Mitchell Butte and Gray Whiskers in the Evening Light by Jeff Goulden


Hickman Bridge Natural Arch by Jeff Goulden


Delicate Arch at Sunset by Jeff Goulden


Meadow of Arrowleaf Balsamroot by Jeff Goulden


Rabbit Ears Spire at Sunset by Jeff Goulden


Mount Rainier at Sunset with Big Boulders in Foreground by Jeff Goulden


Point Atkinson Lighthouse and Rocky Shore by Jeff Goulden